Why choose us

A few good reasons.

Career Hollic is a Skill Development Institute and HR consulting and recruitment establishment. In its endeavor our team is trying to meet the requirement of skilled and efficient Human resource for various service industries as

Career Hollic, a complete HR consulting organization, is conceptualized with an aim to become a trusted and extended arm of any professional organization.

Career Hollic will make the offer verbally to the candidate and will confirm the candidates verbal acceptance, we will then forward contact details to the client for formal paperwork to be drawn up.

We will confirm that the contract has been received, deal with any questions on the contract, confirm that the candidate has resigned, obtain a start date and keep in touch with the candidate until the candidate starts with the client.

Time Management – Concentrate on your day-to-day operations and let us find the right people for you to make your final decision on. Chances are that you might already be losing money by not having someone in the vacant position already.

A recruitment consultant will also be able to present candidates who are likely to say yes – understanding their personal and family needs that may restrict them from being a long-term employee.